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Craig Irving's Blog

Craig Irving B.V.Sc. M.A.C.V.Sc., Cert. Vet. Ophthal.R.C.V.S. Registered Specialist Veterinary Ophthalmologist. After Craig graduated with Distinction from Massey University in 1970 he took up an internship at Melbourne University followed by a further two years in private practice in South Australia. Since 1973 Craig has operated his companion animal practice in Palmerston North, Craig is a Registered Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology and he conducts Eye Referral Clinics throughout New Zealand. He currently serves on the Companion Animal Society Editorial Board and the New Zealand Kennel Club Hereditary Disorders Committee. Email: craigeyevet@clear.net.nz

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CATARACTS – Facts and Fallacies

Feb 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Dog Health, Dog Information, Dogs Eyes, General

What is a Cataract – Dog Health Cataracts are opacities within the lens that may affect a small portion of the lens or the entire lens. These opacities vary from an incipient form (barely discernible ie retina easily seen), to a mature (retina not seen) to a hypermature or Morganian cataract (parts of retina seen … more

Dog General Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Feb 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Dog Health, Dog Information, Dogs Eyes, General

PRA was first described in the Gordon Setter in Sweden in 1911. The first breed to be involved in the United Kingdom was the Irish Setter. Subsequently there have followed reports of the disease in many other breeds of dog. The precise mode of inheritance has been proven to be a recessive gene in probably … more