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Dogs Bad Breath? Brush its teeth

Dog Dental Care

Brushing Dog Teeth

Does your dog have bad breath?
Have you ever thought that dog’s teeth also need brushing? Well most likely not.
The first time I heard about brushing your dogs teeth I thought – is this is a joke?

When I visited my local vet they showed me the large range of dog dental care and it wasn’t until then that I relised this wasn’t a joke. Checking my dog’s teeth I noticed straight away a dark brown colour at the top of his K9’s developing. This is a build up of plaque and tartar – now I’m starting to sound like the dentist. It’s true, animals do develop this on there teeth and often are made worse with diets which lack in bones. Raw brisket bones and dental chews will help clean the back of there teeth however it’s the front teeth and k9’s that often get this build up (if your dog doesn’t have raw bones or chew’s it’s most likely you will find a build up on the back teeth as well). If you do notice a build up of plaque and tartar you will need to get your local vet to remove this with a specialist dental tool (this should always be check when you take your dog to the vet for its routine check up). If your dog has really bad teeth then a detailed oral clean maybe required in which may be put under anesthetic. Once this has been removed you can then prevent this by brushing your dog’s teeth using a dog tooth paste and soft brush. There are some good brands out there which are flavored so your dog enjoys it.

If this build up is allowed to continue it can lead to preventable dental disorders such as periodontal disease and also affect the overall health of your dog. It’s a good routine to get into and you should start when your dog is young, that way they will get use to the brushing. If you have never heard of brushing your dog’s teeth and you own an older dog, then there is no better time to start than now. It will only improve your dog’s health and also there breath.

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One response to “Dogs Bad Breath? Brush its teeth”

  1. paula voice says:

    So my dog had this problem. It was hard work brushing every day and the vet said we should. I was trying to do the right thing with food and his teat were just getting blacker. So I started to look for other options. So now Bud has good teeth and he has out organic treats that I now sale. Have a look at our treats http://www.budlicious.co.nz

    Paula and Bud

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