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Dog exercise, discipline, and affection

Exercise, Discipline and Affection – in this order!
You may hear Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan quote this over and over again whenever he appears on his TV show. It’s a very simple discipline to get into and helps to maintain a calm dog. You should always first exercise your dog and it can be in many various ways:
– 30min walk twice a day
– Chasing games
– Mental activity such as searching for a hidden ball
– Agility

The next is to discipline your dog. Often it’s here that we fail our dog and we can loose our temper or apply poor discipline technique. Disciplining your dog cannot be abusive, violent or stressful – these will lead to punishing your dog and ineffective training and possibly lead to behaviour issues.
Good discipline is:
– Consistent
– non-emotive
– non-violent
– Giving the dog rules / boundaries / limitations

Lastly, give your dog affection. You should only give your dog affection when it is in a calm state and only after you have used the first two steps to get it there. Often we are guilty of skipping the first two steps and jumping straight to affection, rewarding our dog when it’s not in a calm state. This leads to behavioural issues.

This can help to improve your dog’s state of mind and fix a lot of the behaviour issues we commonly see in dogs. Often these issues are a direct result of how we relate to our dog. So start implementing exercise, discipline and affection in your behaviour training now.

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