Stunning 3yr old Gold and Cream Spoodle with pup

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Stunning 3yr old Gold and Cream Spoodle with pup

Postby Hallmark » Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:16 pm

Hi all I have a very unique situation.
I have a 3yr old gold and white spoodle that I have bred that I am potentially looking for a wonderful new home for.
Thing is she is currently pregnant due in 8weeks time.  
The ideal home would be a family that are wanting 2 dogs, I would like her to go with one of her pups.
This has to be the best way to get a pup, as she will role model for the pup making training a sinch and of course the two will get on famously so perfect friends forever.  

The reason I want to do it this way is that I have her and her sister, they have been together since birth and I think this is the only way she will transition well into a new home.  Also a lovely situation for her.

Obviously this wont suit just anyone, and will have to be just the right family or couple for it all to work out.  I thought I would post it on here just in case anyone feels this might be the ideal situation for them?

I am not in a rush and unless I totally happy I wont be letting her go, very hard call for me, thats for sure.

She is stunning, adorable, obedient, fantastic with kids, smoochy and loveable.  She is the perfect dog.

She has developed a small pouch in her oseophogus which causes her to regirgitate her food and then swallow it again, kind of like a cow.  She needs to eat from a shelf to make it easier for her to swallow.  This dosent affect her in any way, she still loves her food and is healthy happy and well.  But I am going to get her spayed so she has one less thing to worry about.
This will only be her second litter, her pups are to die for but I think its for the best.

No problem if I dont find a suitable home, she can just stay with me!!!
But in case this will work for someone, I think it would be nice to give her a chance at her own family, with one of her pups for company.

Any expressions of interest invited, just email me.
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Re: Stunning 3yr old Gold and Cream Spoodle with pup

Postby Dolly » Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:22 am

I hope you find the right place for her. Having two  dogs together is great.
We have Maggie a 7 yr old rough coat JR, we have had her for 2 yrs and recently we added Dolly a 9 month old spoodle pup to our family.
Maggie has been wonderful with Dolly, and helped to train her well. Dolly is great for Maggie, she keeps her so active that Magggie's weight stays at a healthy limit. She is prone to being over weight ..The 2 dogs get on very well, the occasional tiff where Dolly would like to be boss but on the whole ,Its great.

MY niece bought a spoodle boy yesterday......he moght be a potential suitor for Dolly we are all thinking.... :)

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