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Devonport Oodles!

Postby Eleanor » Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:34 pm

Hi My name's Eleanor, stay at home mum to twins Tristan and Tabitha, 2 years 9 months and to my beautiful 6 month old retradoodle Bella (Animates dog born 1/1/2010..flown up from Christchurch if any of her siblings are interested)
Just wondered in anyone form the Devonport area had an Oodle that fancied a play...any time or would like to take me up on my offer...

I used to help out a friend who went back to work full time leaving their retradoodle alone all day by taking Bella into their back garden and supervising her playing with their win situation, her dog had company and got tired out same with mine :D ..she is unfortunately having her garden remodelled and Bella misses the plays a lot :(
So, if anyone local would like their dog tires out my my lovely puppy, do get in touch :D ... 459831.jpg

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