How big will she grow ?!

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How big will she grow ?!

Postby Cocobearxx » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:37 pm

I have a min poodle x cocker spaniel chocolate puppy called coco. Cocos is amazing and she is nearly 9 months and still only weighs around 6 kg! is this normal ? i havent seen her parents in real life but i do have info etc and they are normal sized , it just seems her growing is starting to slow down but her paws are still huge !!!!!! and i thought she would grow to atleast 10kg ? help anyone?
Thanks :)

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Re: How big will she grow ?!

Postby Teddy » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:34 am

It varys my dog teddy is 18kgs, but a bit over weight... some spoodles are small .... one of the sisters in teddys litter is very short... If you are worried, feed it more? the things which will stunt growth are genetics and food intake, especially in the early years.... But if you are feeding it well then it might be genetics...

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Re: How big will she grow ?!

Postby sl_simpson » Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:00 pm

If you know the parents weight and height then they will be fairly close to that.
From what I have experienced with my two. They are on the smaller spoodle size both their parents are only 7 - 7 1/2kg. Bella is 4 1/2 years old and has stayed around the 6.5kg mark for the last 2years. Bella is a little fussier and sometimes I give her a little top up with food. Bella has the lighter body frame more like a poodle.
Casey is 3years 3months and is 7.2kg. He is a real good doer with eating his food a I will have to watch him. He is also alittle shorter in height,stocker in build and has slightly bigger feet.

What I recall both were not at full adult weight until they were about 2. They were close to being full height at 8- 9 months with only a little amount of further growth up to 12months. Then had an adolescent stage slightly gangly then filled out.

It really does help knowing their parents weight etc... so that you have a guide on the feeding reigme. Some Spoodles are from springer spaniel cross and if you are not aware of the parent weight you could effectively be under feeding them to what the manufactures recommend on the puppy food bags you buy. The puppy food bags indicate adult weight and puppy age in relation to that.

Also a good guide is to check the feel of their bodies as its harder to see the body shape under their coats. ie rib cage and back bone/hips. If you can easily feel these and they have little fat cover bone feel, you need to boost the food.
If you can feel the ribs ect.. only slightly and they seem to feel as though they have a fat cover to them then that is good.
If you can not feel the ribs etc... at all and they seem to have full fat cover them you may need to cut back on the food. Puppies can be feed alittle more at times but when you notice they have slowed in growth then cut back to the recommended feed amount.

There is a good outline of the ideal body weight our dogs should be under the Code of Welfare for dogs down loadable from the following website. It gives pictures on the what the body should look like and how to score (rate) your dogs body type.
Apendix 1 Page 40. Also section 3 on feeding. ... codes/dogs

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