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Postby Razy » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:05 am


My name is Raz and I live in Perth, WA. We found our dog, Max, on the street in Europe 17 years ago and he came with us when we moved to Australia. He was not a puppy when we found him, the vet said that he young, probably 1-2 years old.

As he got older Max lost his sight, then his hearing, and finally his body gave up and he died last week. Both myself and my wife were devastated to lose him, he was like our child. We miss him a lot and would like to get another dog that looks like him. Unfortunately I don't know what kind of dog he was, so I thought that I would post some photos of him and maybe somebody can help. He was about 12kg, with soft curly hair (black when he was young, then silver as he got older). I think he looks like a spoodle, or maybe a schnoodle.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Max

Postby Teddy » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:08 am

Welcome to the forum. I would think Spoodle by the looks, especially if the fur was more soft feeling, though the photo looks like a schnoodle. So sorry for your loss, it's very hard to cope without them, especially when they are such a normal part of your life. Sounds like he had a good life and your story brings back memories of our first spoodle :( . It helps a lot to get another dog, takes your mind off the loss. What was his personality like? That can help to identify what the other half was

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Re: obtaining a spoodle

Postby tedley » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:32 am

Greetings! I'm recently retired, I live alone, and ever since my last dog departed I've been looking forward to getting another dog to share my life.
One of my daughters has two spoodles and another, an Italian lookalike, a LaGotto, but I'm sold on Spoodles for so many reasons. Principally their wonderful personalities.
It would suit me better to obtain an adult dog although in the end a puppy would be fine.
For some time I've been haunting Trademe, unsuccessfully; by the time I contact an seller, (if they bother to reply) the dogs have gone.
I'm happy to pay a sensible price however, I've watched with alarm as the price has escalated over the last couple of months to nearly $2000! For a non-standard, dog without any papers? The 'free market'?
So, perhaps some family can no longer keep their Spoodle and would like a good home for their pet.
Call me......021 1137171, please.

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