Newie to Spoodles

New to Drop by here and meet our regulars.
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Newie to Spoodles

Postby Stamford » Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:06 pm


My name is Keren, and I have a Spoodle called Stamford, we've had him since September... He's a black Spoodle, and gorgeous.

He's got a lovely personality and such character and loves the kids so much....

They're are very clever and quick in picking up commands and training... So far within the first few months he learnt how to roll over, lay down, sit, sit and stay, then come, give his paw, he can jump also as well as walking to heel...

Every morning he wakes up the kids which he feels is one of his jobs in the morning... I think he just loves licking them to death really... He also takes the keys to the car when we go out and places them on the drivers seat...This way he knows he's coming with us when he's given the keys, if not then he stays at home. On the return journey his job is to take the keys back to the kitchen....

I've had dogs in the past and even though I loved them to bits, or it could be down to the breed or lack of trying to teach them I'm not sure but I was also young taught them the basics but my parents did the rest... But I feel this breed is such a clever dog and easy to train in some areas.... If they decide to have selective hearing then you're on a loosing battle....

I've found good treats and he'll do almost anything....

He has a few puppies friends in the area he plays with, a Austrialian Terrier cross Jack Russell called Buster (4 months old), Cairn Terrier cross Poodle called Bart (11 months), and a Bichon cross Poodle called Zoe (18 months and is the love of his life at the moment).

Stamford has completed my family.... I've waited 17 years to get him and worth the wait.... As my husband wasn't very keen on having a dog.... He grew up with only able to have gerbils as pets... Whilst I grew up having a selection of animals....

Since being in the UK prior to coming to New Zealand 4 years ago, my husband and I had Hamsters, 2 Royal Pythons, an African Grey and a Meyer and a Marooned Bellied Conure, but I always wanted a dog of my own.... I grew up with Dogs and birds.... He allowed me the Hamsters, then once they went I eventually turned to the Royal Pythons which was very interesting for 10 years as well as the parrots.... But unfortunately we had to leave them all in the UK to very good homes and missed them desperately when we got here... Every so often I managed to bring up the subject of a Dog.... However knowing my husband is allergic he wouldn't allow...

Eventually he decided yes but didn't think I would get something so quickly on the next day we'd found Stamford.... Whatever we got it had to be a male as the name was always going to be Stamford.... You see my hubby is a Chelsea Football Supporter and Stamford Bridge is the grounds in which they play....

Stamford has his own Chelsea Collar, Lead and name tag.... The name really suits him.... Hubby was still a little allergic to him but with help of a very good product which I rubbed onto his fur every few days which was recommended it seemed to help hubby.... Over the time now he's not allergic to him as much....

Enjoyed ever minute of his company...

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Re: Newie to Spoodles

Postby Teddy » Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:25 pm

welcome, what a great story and fanstastic to hear you have trained Stamford with all these tricsks, prehaps you could write some points under the training section about how you got Stamford to do the different tricks  :)

I hear that alot that its the husband that never wants to have a dog or the other one is letting the dog have puppies.... its the same with my parent  ;D

Teddy is very much like my child  :D

Its great to have you as part of our communty feel free to post anything you want on our different boards

Have Fun
Korin and Teddy

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Re: Newie to Spoodles

Postby lippyleipreachain » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:35 am

Hi there,
What a great story and thanks for sharing. I too am a newie to Spoodles. my little Cleo is the ruler of our house, but yes, so clever, affectionate and just a great pet to have around.
I wonder could you share with me the name of the product you put on Stamfords fur?
My husband is also allergic to dogs and while Cleo doesn't generally cause him any problems, he has begun to react to her as she grows bigger.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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