First time mummy? help appreciated!

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First time mummy? help appreciated!

Postby becky<3 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:08 pm

We have a gorgeous 2 and a half year old purebred chihuahua, Chi Chi. We have recently bred her to another purebred chihuahua. She was on her third heat when we bred her (we were advised to wait until her third heat). However, we are new to this breeding business and I have a few questions, which I would be stoked to have answered.

I have done reading up on chihuahua pregnancy, and I just wanted to know what the symptoms of a pregnancy are? She is very lethargic and not as energetic as she usually is (she usually runs the paddock chasing rabbits!more of a farm dog than the border collie!). She has a much harder and bigger tummy than usual (and not just because of food!). Also, we estimate her to be 2 -3 weeks pregnant, how long is the gestation period of a chihuahua? I read somewhere that it is 9 weeks?
How early is to take her to the vet/can she be confirmed?

Any tips would be appreciated!

P.S I have attached pictures of our beautiful girl and her tummy :)



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Re: First time mummy? help appreciated!

Postby Teddy » Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:04 am

Dogs won't seem pregnant till abit down the track... if you have had her mated then always assume and act as if she is pregnant. It will take quite a few weeks till they are noticable... sometimes can be right up till the last few weeks... till its noticable...

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