Poodle Breed Newbee

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Poodle Breed Newbee

Postby lippyleipreachain » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:33 pm

Hi all,
I recently bought the cutest Spoodle puppy EVER while visiting Brisbane, and took her home with me to Vanuatu. Her name is Cleo and I have never had an animal with such a wonderful temprement before.
I am new to Poodle breeds but my new husband (we just got hitched prior to her arrival here) has had many Poodles in the past and is fairly savvy to their care. I however am still finding my feet and do worry that I am spoilong her a bit!
I have a few questions which I'd appreciate some help on.
First off, she is 13 weeks now and weighs in at 2.9kgs. She is 3rd generation Spoodle. Is there any way of guaging how big she might grow? Also, I am currently feeding her 3 times a day with some snacks in between, but she rarely finishes her meal. I don't feel like I am giving her too much, maybe she is just fussy. I try to mix dried food with some meat from our plates. She gobbles all the meat then might pick at some of the dry stuff if I leave the bowl out. The hubby says to take the bowl away as we don't want to turn her into a grazer. Thoughts?
One of my biggest concerns at the moment is clipping. Summer gets incredibly hot here, but I worry that if I clip her, she will lose that natural protection of her coat to keep her cool, but also that her hair might grow back courser.
I'd apprciate any tips and suggestions.
She is a vey social puppy already, and I do believe animals need to be loved and spoiled much like children do, but I know also Poodle breeds can be fussy and need discipline.
Cleo is the ruler of the roost though and even my tough Aussie hubby can't help but melt when he sees her;)

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Re: Poodle Breed Newbee

Postby sl_simpson » Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:16 pm

Hello Welcome to the world of oodles. They are a fab hybrid cross but then I am also a bit bias. :D
Size any where around a min Poodle to Cocker Spaniel size. 7kg -12kg approx. Height around knee. If however she is from a Poodle cross Springer Spaniel she could be on the larger size. Generally they are min Poodle cross Cocker Spaniel.

A few tips on the feeding:
Great feeding 3 times a day but would watch the snacks inbetween. As long as they are on good puppy food they don't need to be feed anything else inbetween.
Definately don't leave food out all day if they have not eated when you have presented it to them, remove it. Can make them fussy, also You want to establish yourselves as pack leader, pack leader eats first, then the others in the pack. Eat a biscuit or a bit of your food first then place their bowl down for them. Start to get them to sit and wait also at this stage. So request them to sit, wait and then eat (food manners). Avoid feeding them when you are eating at the table that creates a begging habit.
Keep up with the dry puppy food for a good portion of their diet it is a complete balanced food for their growth and to help them with the teething, along with chew bones and toys.

Providing her with some good chew bones and toys. Some puppies can be more chewy when going through teething than others, but you want them to chew only those not any thing else, like shoes or furniture. Teething last to around 8 months then they should have all their adult teeth.

Key: excercise (min 30 a day), discipline (structure) and love always in that order to have a balanced dog no matter what breed.
Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer good books to read and DVD's
http://www.cesarsway.com/. Also Jan Fennell - Dog Listener http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com/homepage.php
If you follow these trainers you really carn't go wrong.

Start early with how you expect them to behave. No jumping up on you. If you don't want them on the curtain furniture then you need to establish where they are allow and not allowed.

Guide : write down a list of every day words you want to use for commands(requests) keep them short; ie off (move off the furniture), down (lie down on the floor), out (outside or out of the car), leave (don't touch, eat food or play with that item), Release or give (to give you the item they have in their mouth), heel (to walk beside you usually on the left), wait (pause standing or sit in one place), Stay (for long sit or down no move until asked), Yes (for anything done right) Both of you need to use the same words and be consistant when using them. Firm and assertive. Reward with good enthusiastic praise and treat them when they have done it right. Don't yell or shout at them for wrong. Ignor wrong and Correct them to good. They learn very quick good and bad behaviour. Keep adding to your list of words as you go you will find you will you a large range of words over time. Also remember the treats count towards their daily intake. Use something a little different than their normal kibble, like dried liver treats are a favourite for most.

Create training also great for toilet training and some where safe that they can be for short periods of time if you need to leave them on their own. Good Idea to restrict their movement around the house when unattended during the day and night to prevent toileting accidents or them getting up to mischief.

Walk through a door before your puppy, have them on lead and have them wait or sit, then ask them to heel, following you or beside but not ahead. Try a keep all walking on lead structured (heel beside you) Short loose lead. Carry treats with you for instant praise when they are doing good.
When you give them some more feedom for a run use an longer lead of 5m -10m at a park. The longer lead good to help with getting good recall to comes and for them not to run off. They find it all very exciting and can also be scarry. Take two favourite toys like a sqeeky ball one for you to hold the other for them to run and get. Squeek the one you hold to get their attention back and to come to you to trade for the other one. Play at home and in the yard and then introduce that out and about. Alternate for treat and toy also.

Clipping shorter not a problem in the summer. Also great if you are at the beach alot for easier maintainance. Puppy coat is very very soft, adult coat is still very soft. It does change alittle. Some can be more prone to matting than others. Start introducing her to regular bushing all over with a slicker brush. Also take her to a groomer for the First groom around 4month if you are not too sure how clip and groom her or if you find her alittle difficult to groom her yourself. Find a good caring groomer after a few sessions with them they are often more settled.

Have fun.

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