Dog not listening!!

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Dog not listening!!

Postby Pia » Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:17 pm

Ok so I know they don't 'listen' as such but we are almost at our wits end!

Millie is now 5 months and has managed to grasp most of her commands very well... infact she knows what they all mean as she does them WHEN SHE WANTS TOO

Part of this is probably our mistake in that at first we let her get up on the couch by herself, however we quickly changed that to only letting her up when she was invited (maybe even that wasnt right?). She is now getting up on every couch and/or bed she wants without being invited and will stay there and just look at you when she is told the 'off' command.
What is most frustrating is when she has been told 'off' and she gets off, only to get back up again 30seconds later!!

She starts general dog obedience in 2 weeks but I know she knows the command... its just that she doesnt seem to want to listen.

This problem is now starting to extend to other commands. For example she has always been great at sitting on command, however today whilst getting ready for a walk i asked her to sit and she just wouldnt. Or she would and then run away and come back.

Any points, ideas, solutions etc?????

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Re: Dog not listening!!

Postby Teddy » Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:10 am

create her a bed? a place where she can call her own....away from heavy foot traffic and dont disturb her there. she is just testing you and i think its the way you are doing your commands that are just creating confusion? I dont think obedience training will solve this issue at all, this is a behavioural issue. You should do some role playing with her, use a command like "aaaah" or "ssssssssst" sounds... these are much more effective. She thinks she owns the items she jumps up on so therefore you need to take the mentality taht you infact own these and when she attempts to jump up on them stop her before she does it and walk her over to her bed and lay her down... keep cool and calm... keep doing this - and make sure you always finish the exercise with her been calm and on her bed..... theres no point just pushing her off the couch or bed as this is like half doing something... if you complete it so she is submissive on her bed she should react better.... eventually just an "aaaaah" or "sssssssssst" when she looks like she is doing it will make her retreat back to her bed....

the key is first getting her to do the exercise correctly so she learns what she needs to do... and then been consistant... if you don't always follow through and you allow her to jump up on occasions then she will get confused and this causes anexity which causes behaviour issues in other areas.... It seems very hard at times and frustrating but most likely this is a confusion issue - you need to change your training method and I think be more consistant.... remeber a dog won't do stuff on purpose just to be annoying, if you feel this then it is most likely over dominating you.... rather than feeling at your wits end get ontop of this early - don't get annoyed or feel that she is choosing to obey you or not.... thsi is not how dogs work... they respect leaders and will always test you.... I personally don't use commands like sit stay... infact i tend to just use hand gestures and sounds... if your dog isn't listening to you, look at what occurs just before this, where in the house does she behave the worse?

behaviour issues aren't just about one issue, its usually the whole way you intereact with your dog.... does your dog jump, does it get excited?, is it aggressive?, do you let your dog lay on you, does your dog follow you or lead you?, when you go for a walk do you have a mindset - "i'm taking the dog for a walk" or do you say to yourself "i'm going for a walk and the dog can come".... the first thing I would do is look at how you interact with a dog in every situation. when you come home, in the morning, do you scream at your dog or ignore it, how do you feel when you are around your dog? Do you feel happy you own a dog or do you feel nervious yourself about what it might do?

Behavioural training i think should be more aimed at us and how we interact with the dog.... try ignoring your dog for a day see what happens... when you enter a room don't pay any attention to your dog... remeber everytime you enter and exit a room you are effectively leaving the pack and when you enter again you are join the pack - so ignore you dog when exiting and enter rooms...... try going for a walk with a purpose - go to the shop and buy some milk... only have that thought in your mind... you will find you are focused on getting from point a - b rather than what your dog is doing....

dogs work on energy... the more louder noise the higher there energy... the calmer we are and less talking we do to them the lower there energy... want your dog to be less reactive to people ? put them into that situation and ignore them (using a lead of course) ... make any interactions between us and never involve the dog... all this leads to your dog been less dominant and giving you more respect...

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