dog wont come back to go on gentle leader

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dog wont come back to go on gentle leader

Postby sonic » Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:05 am

Hi Guys

My dog is a great dog but she pulls on the lead quite bad, so at puppy school they recommended a gentle leader. My dog hates it but tolerates me putting it on her at home to walk 200mtrs to the walking track when she can come off it. the walk is really nice 1 hour walk were my dog behaves herself very well, she never growls or barks at dogs and sticks near me (about 10mtrs away, she runs back and forth, I walk). its a really nice walk that I don’t have to keep her on a lead as she behaves and its not near houses (she cases cats) which is not ideal but I just try to keep her away from situations were she will meet them.
The problem is (and getting worse and worse at the same spot) there is about 200mtrs that I want her on the lead to walk back down my street. I spent 10mins this morning trying to get her to come back to me... she sat about 10mtrs away form me and just sat there staring... so I turned and walked back the way I came, to try get her distracted. then she just turned and walked off then ran across the busy street and carried on down towards home. I caught up with her and put the gentle leader on told her off then when I got home I took it off and praised her.

Do I just do away with the gentle leader? She has had it for 4years and never liked it. I've tried to train her at home without the leader in hand she comes, she wont with the leader if she sees it she will just sit and look at me, even with her fav treat cheese.

Cheers for any feed back you can give me :D

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Re: dog wont come back to go on gentle leader

Postby Teddy » Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:51 pm

It sounds like a behavioural issue... most likely the walk issue is cause from it not believeing that you are in charge of the house or the pack... I did write this article a while back and perhaps you might find something useful in it: ... -on-walks/

No lead will fix your issue its behavioral and is most likely aimed at you, for instance if someone who was more dominant entered the room and took your dog for a walk then they won't have those issue.... this comes from how you treat your dog around the home, and one big thing is that before you go for a walk make sure your dog has chased a ball for 15 mins to let off any excess energy... it helps alot to walk a dog and teach it how to walk if they are already tired.... also look at how you begin and end the walk and how in control you are with your dog.... This sounds like to me a confused dog without respect for your order in your pack... so it won't understand your comands... theres no point telling your dog off when it does something wrong as it won't understand only reward good behaviour also telling a dog off only heightens its energy - making the issue worse or makes it scared and punishing it... for good training onyl reward good behaviour or correct behaviour... make sure you are always consistant with commands and also your approach... don't change your energy always be nueteral no matter how much they make you mad... they pick up on energy and it leads them to bad behaviour... training is always ongoing... if you get it right and you are consistant you should see changes very quickly... if its getting worse your training is not working and needs to change .... ususally this is a mind shift and its hard to do as humans... make sure you show your dog what you want it to do... you can start by using treats... reward it... and make sure any role plaing you do always finishes with the correct behaviour if you give up on a bad note training doesn't work...

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