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Postby Martyg » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:47 pm

We have a 12 month old spayed female spoodle. She is a lovely dog but has not learned to come when called and chews everything. She also digs holes in the garden, lawn and planters. In the house she is fairly well behaved apart from being a thief and chewing anything left within reach. She sits, lays down and will wait to a certain point. She gets long walks every day but cannot be let off the lead. Has anybody got any ideas on how to train her to be more obedient and not eat everything. I know she is still very young.

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Re: Obedience

Postby Teddy » Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:03 am

Ok first thing is to get yoru dog to come to you - you need to use a treat reward system and reward each time it sucessfulyl comes to you - thats probably they most basic way to do it. Usually if they arn't comign to you they are sidetracked with other better things to do. So do this in a low stimulas area such as inside your house rather than say at the beach or somewhere liek a park. You also need your dog to recognise its name or atleast the sounds or behaviour when you are calling it. Therefore you need to sit your dog next to you and with treats say its name and not give the treat till it looks at you and is responding to its name or call or what ever you choose to get its attention. So for example I would sit Teddy (my spoodle) next to me and in my hand i will have chocolate treats. I will say "teddy" and move the treat infront of him and towards my face so that he will end up looking at me. Then i will reward him.  I'll do this about 5 times and he will get the hang of it.

The next thing is to sit your dog at one end of your room and make a point of letting it know you have a treat in your hand. Tell it to stay as you walk away, then call it over and let them run to you - you then make it sit and make it look at you, then you reward with a treat.

It should only take about 5 times before they get this and with treats they do this very quickly. Eventually you can remove the treats and they just come to you - however if you are having problems return to the treats. - now this is just obendence at its basic level. There might also be other issues with regards to behavioural issues. Chewing is usually an issue with anxiety, alck of exercise, or lack of chewys to chew - dogs need to chew as a natural way to keep there teeth clean.

I would get chewys - lots of chewys and also brisket bones - raw. I usually give teddy one a night where i can or else a few a week. Go to your local butcher and ask for them. I also buy what they call dental chews which are just rolled up dried skin... They would pefer to eat these things over your household items usually. If its lack of exercise and its doing this to get rid of excesss energy then I would take it for more walks and it might sort this out. If its behavioural then it might be a dominace issue where it is stressed looking after you and therefore releasing it on your furniture. Dogs live in hieracy order and for a dog to be well balanced it needs to have a purpose and be low in the pack order. you can see this in behaviours like jumping at people, lying on you, barking, and leading you when walking... all these things lead to stress on the dog and can cause these issues... training the dog won't get rid of this issue, if this was teh case you would need to train yourself to act properly around the dog.

Digging usually will occur out of bordom when out in your backyard and also a way to release excess energy.

So there are some basic things you can do to teach your dog to come to you - with a rewards system.

Get your dog some chewys and bones and this may solve your chewing issue.

If it doesn't then you may need to exercise it more or it maybe an issue with behaviour.

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