Thinking about getting a new dog. What are the current trends in dog care?

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Thinking about getting a new dog. What are the current trends in dog care?

Postby crowek » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:41 pm


I don't expect to have the same easy time this go around. Before I go through with this I want to do some research as to the current trends in having and training dogs. I know Ars has a lot of dog lovers, some with more experience than others. Any advice that can be provided on the following topics would be appreciated.
Adopting: When I adopted Dutch I went through a local, private, Lab rescue. After an initial phone interview they put me in touch with a family that needed to give up their dogs because they were moving. After a brief meet and greet, it was basically "well, he looks like a good dog" and off we went. I planning on adopting through the local Humane Society this time. Is there anything I should specifically be on the lookout for. I'm planning on adopting an adult dog, somewhere around 2-3 years old. I don't have other pets in the house. I don't have small children. I have a house with a fenced yard. What sort of things should I be concerned about transitioning a rescue into my house. I'm expecting to crate train the new dog.
Training: We raised a few labs from puppies in my house when we were growing up. While one was "mine" they were all really my mom's as she did most all of the care taking. I was responsible for training mine, however, which consisted of going through an 8 or 10 session course at the Humane Society and working with her outside of class. We mostly just covered the basics of sit, stay, down, walking on lead, etc. This was accomplished through bribery (food). What's the current train of thought on dog training. There are a few trainers in my area offering courses. I'd like to pick one. What should I look for when finding a trainer?
Leads: The dogs we raised growing up were trained on prong collars. That worked well so I continued it with my last dog. It worked well for him too. There was an Ars thread touting the benefits of the Gentle Leader -type harness (that fit around the head and over the nose), so I tried that for awhile because he did have some issues with pulling. It completely stopped the pulling but it was replaced with him doing anything he could to try to get the harness off his nose, so I ended up abandoning it it after a short trial. Nowadays I see a lot of dogs, including large ones, using some sort of side attached body harness that didn't seem to be a thing the last time I checked.
Food: Dutch got Blue Buffalo because it was the new hotness at the time and his vet approved. Has anything changed? Is it still acceptable or are they importing from China now where it's made from "chicken"?Anything else you can think of?

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