How well do those Ultrasonic Dog Trainers' work?

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How well do those Ultrasonic Dog Trainers' work?

Postby kesizewi » Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:32 am


Here's my problem. My neighbor doesn't know jack about training a dog. So...he lets his German Sheppard have the run of their backyard...and this dog barks. And he barks very loudly. Not only that, this dog is starting to damage the 20 year-old fence that separates our property. (He and I have talked about replacing the fence, but my wallet says I should hold off for a year or two - which wouldn't be a problem, if the German Sheppard wouldn't launch himself against it)I've approached my neighbor, who's really a cool guy, he just is a little naive about dog training, and told him about how his dog is starting to get really irritating. So my neighbor buys a shock collar for the German Sheppard. And it works - but the catch is, my neighbor has to be home to shock the dog when he starts barking or begins working the fence over. To make matters worse, my neighbor works erratic hours - so there's no telling when he'll be home to shock his dog if the dog misbehaves. It's gotten to the point where I can't enjoy being in my own backyard without listening to my neighbor's dog and worrying about the aging fence. Since I'm looking at buying a used hot tub'¦something has to give. So I'm thinking about getting one of those sonic trainers and take matters into my own hands. But I'm wondering how affective these things are and if they're directional - since I have a yellow lab puppy'¦I'd hate to 'zap' Tucker when he isn't doing anything wrong. I just wanna 'zap' the German Sheppard

Please help.

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