Keeping a pet when the lease says "No Pets"

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Keeping a pet when the lease says "No Pets"

Postby MichaelSmith » Thu May 10, 2018 7:13 pm


Defenses to a holdover proceeding based upon the harboring of a pet in violation of a "No Pet" lease provision.Two types of laws give an individual tenant, renter or cooperative shareholder the right to keep a pet, even if there is a "no pet" provision in the proprietary lease, occupancy agreement, house rules, or lease.The first, and most widely known types of laws are municipal or local "Pet Laws" which deem that any such "no pet" provision is waived for the duration of the tenancy if the landlord fails to enforce the provision by commencing an action or proceeding within three months of the tenant's open and notorious harboring of the pet.

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