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Grooming – Why?

It can be a chore depending on the type of dog you own. If you own a non shedding dog then you will be required to trim its fur to keep the coat under control and free of knots. If you own a shedding dog then you may need to brush it to keep its shedding fur off the lounge suite. If you have a furless dog then all of the above will not apply, though you may want to think about knitting it a wool coat to keep it warm.
The reason it’s seen as a chore is because it is forever ongoing, happening every week or two, or month. It involves repeating actions and sometimes we forget why we do it. So why do we groom our dogs?

The main and practical reason we groom dogs is to improve there coat and health.

– Grooming takes away loose hair and dead skin, improving air circulation within the fur and allowing it to breath.

– With regular grooming you can keep an eye on any skin conditions your dog may experience before they get out of hand.

– You will notice any bite marks from fleas or see ticks on your dog. This means you can get proper, effective flea and tick treatment before it gets out of hand.

– Grooming stimulates the lymphatic system, which works similar to a massage in humans.

– Grooming increases the blood flow to hair follicles. This means a healthy shinny coat.

– You can also get a chance to check your dog’s paws and pads out. This can be a common place for grass seeds, cuts and knots.

– Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog.

In today’s world it can be very hard to find time to groom your dog. Lucky for us we have Professional Groomers.

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2 responses to “Grooming – Why?”

  1. Teddy says:

    I’m lucky with teddy where I cut close to his eyes to get rid of the fur around there… you will need to cut it out, perhaps buy some scissors with blunt ends?

  2. Abigail's Mom says:

    Hey, I brush my puppy spoodle every day… of course she still looks like a fluffy chocolate mop, but I’m concerned about the hair covering her eyes. I keep trying to brush it out of her gorgeous eyes, and have considered cutting it, but 1) I don’t know how, and 2) I’m afraid to use scissors near her eyes! Suggestions?

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