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Itchy Dog?

SpoodleItchy Dog?

There can be a variety of issues which cause this however most likely the cause is fleas. Often you won’t see them on your dog however you might notice red bites. The reason you might not see fleas is because they often live off the dog in cracks in your home. A flea only needs to feed once every three months, so a dog with many bites could be caused by only a few fleas. Ongoing bites will mean you have a good number of fleas living in your home. Humid conditions, especially after rainfall then a period of sun, will result in eggs hatching and thus more infestation.

Best treatment is first to apply flea control from your Vet. They are the best to advise you because it varies according to your dog’s size and type of coat. The next step is to vacuum your house and often. Make sure you clean your dogs sleeping area and vacuum well where the wall meets the carpet. If you have cats make sure you de-flea them because they are often a cause of bringing fleas into a home. If you own a dog with a non-shedding coat it can also be a good idea to trim its fur shorter than normal. If a dog is able to chew at the flea bites they can swell up into large red marks and cause even more irritation. In very bad cases you can visit your vet and they can provide you with a cream which sooths the itchiness. If flea treatment isn’t working you may need to consider buying a puppy spray and soaking the whole coat. I have had to do this a couple of times with my spoodle and it works very well. Some dogs are allergic to flea bites and they can break out into a rash. You need to watch this as it can lead to anaphylactic shock in worse cases. Other causes of itchiness are toxic plants, splinters (especially on decks), pollen allergies and other insect bites such as spiders. If you are unsure take them to the vet for a quick check

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