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Newflands Fish Oil

Fish oil for Dogs? Newflands a local company offering fish oil for dogs.

A while back I did some experimenting with fish oil on my Spoodle dog Teddy. The results were quite amazing, especially with regards to his coat. A big issue I have had with teddy is his coat went quite dull and started to feel coarse. Though a lot of that I have put down to his age, I started to look around wondering if there could be an issue with his diet. I take fish oil myself because of the huge health benefits that come with Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. One day I took teddy to the beach and saw him racing around sniffing for something. To my horror I saw him grab an old dead fish and start to eat it. At the time I was angry at him, but later I started thinking about dogs being scavengers and wondered if fish would be a natural food for dogs. Could it be that a lot of diets we give our dogs lack important nutrients only found naturally occurring in foods like fish? From this I decided to give Teddy fish oil. The results were amazing and as a result I had being giving him fish oil with most meals daily. The issue came about when I ran out of fish oil and I hadn’t got around to sourcing more product for him for several months.Newflands Dog Fish Oil

A few months ago I came across a product from a small local company who make a fish oil for dogs. They weren’t a large corporation and they source their fish oil from New Zealand Hoki which is sustainable sourced (which is a good thing with over-fishing a real problem in today’s world). I got a couple of bottles to try out on teddy to see what the results would be like and to get him back onto it.

The bottles were sent via courier and they came with a dispenser lid. This was the first difference I noticed since I had previously being using fish oil tablets. A benefit of the dispersal lid is that I could easily add the fish oil over his food rather than having to wrap a tablet in something like cheese or meat. Also I keep fish oil in the fridge so a bottle like this makes it easy to store and find.
Fish Oil for Dogs Newflands
With the courier pack I also got a card explaining who the company was and what they were doing. Their focus is on providing a sustainable source of fish oil for dogs which seems to be at an affordable price. Their fish oil has Omega 3, 6 and 9 which promotes glossy coats, helps with joint and cardiac care, and general wellbeing. I don’t have a medical background, nor the scientific results to say this product will definitely do this for certain however I do know from my experience previously with fish oil that Teddy’s coat did improve and their might have being other health benefits that couldn’t be seen.

I started to give teddy the fish oil and wasn’t expecting much until after a few months of use. During that time I observed how I found applying the Newflands Fish oil to his food and whether he enjoyed it. I chopped up his raw chicken wings and gravel beef on a plate and then added the recommended fish oil of two pushes on the dispenser lid. This was very easy to add to his food and I found it much like using a soap dispenser when washing your hands. Teddy had no issues with the fish oil in fact he really liked it, licking up the plate afterwards. The only downside I saw was that on that first meal I didn’t mix the fish oil with the meat and therefore he did get fish oil on his fur around his mouth. This meant I had to wash his face after dinner but this is no longer an issue now that I mix the fish oil into his food. I also now keep the fur on his face shorter.
Spoodle Fish Oil
The other thing I noticed was how much fish oil you get in each bottle. It’s a lot. It may not be as concentrated as fish oil tablets however I never did like giving teddy such strong fish oil tablets and now I feel much better giving him a more natural product. In the mornings I mixed Teddy’s biscuits with the fish oil and he really liked the mix so it definitely got the pass mark from Teddy’s taste buds.


I didn’t expect any huge results however I was again really surprised the benefits I got from giving Teddy the Fish oil from Newflands. After about two months his coat got softer and also it seems like there is more oil in it. I think Teddy was lacking oil in his coat and I the fish oil seems to have helped to better this which in turn might have given his coat a more shinny look and softer feel.

I can only guess what other health benefits Teddy is receiving from a more varied diet and it’s possible previously he was depleted in something from his previous diet. I think it has worked really well for Teddy and again another positive result from Fish Oil. It is great to see a local New Zealand company getting behind fish oil supplements for dogs. I will be using this product on Teddy into the future and if you are looking at fish oil for your dog I would recommend Newflands fish oil product.

Website: Newflands Website
Facebook: Facebook Page

I give this product a rating of 9/10

Pro’s and Con’s with Teddy’s use:


  • Did get the odd time when Teddy’s fur on the face got fish oil on it.
  • The odd bad breath day.


  • Teddy’s fur got shinier, smoother and also more oil within the coat
  • Teddy loved the fish oil taste
  • Was easily mixed into any of his food
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to apply with the pump lid dispenser
  • Very Affordable Pricing and lasts along time
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