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Omega Fish Oils for Dogs

Dog Diets
Dog diet is probably the most understood aspect of good dog health, especially for new dog owners. We might look no further than the supermarket when we buy our dog’s food, or just focus on what’s at the vet. But did you know that the look, energy and general overall health of your dog can come from its diet? It’s possible that many issue stem from its diet – Allergies, behaviour, dull coat, and skin condition can all be a cause of malnutrition.
Issues with Dry Food
Do you feed your dog solely on a dry food diet? The issue with this is that they are highly process grain with little nutritional value. Though they may claim to add omega 3 and other nutrition, if it’s stored at room temperature most of these supplements are useless. The only fatty acid which can survive the temperature of the Dry Food process is omega 6. If we are overdosing our dogs on Omega 6 it can create the conditions for degenerative diseases. Feeding your dog solely on dry food is usually not recommended.
Varying your dogs diet

A good balanced diet can improve the health of your dog. Raw foods, meats, vegetables, fish and eggs can all contribute to a varying diet which gives your dog the variety that it needs.

Teddy’s diet
Teddy, my dog, has a diet which consists of dry food in the morning and raw food at night. I looked at the package of the dry food and saw that it was filled with all sorts of nutrition which I just assumed would fill any lack of nutrition gap. At around age three I noticed that teddy’s coat started to fade and also get quite coarse. His skin would become quite dry and often he would have issue. I read around on the internet on dry skin and found that it might be a lack of oil in the skin due to a not so good diet. Naturally I thought that this couldn’t be an issue with Teddy as his diet is quite good. On reading further they started to talk about fish oil tablets and omega 3 for dogs. I know humans can take fish oil tablets but never really thought dogs could. Reading about how they can improve a dog’s skin and coat I thought I would give it a try, since I did have a spare case of fish oil tablets in the fridge no one was using.

The results of Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets on dog
I gave teddy one whole fish oil tablet every morning with some cheese. Naturally I didn’t expect much to happen as I don’t totally believe this would be a miracle fix to his coat. After one week not a lot had happened and I thought this must be another one of these alternative healing articles which claim more than they deliver. I continued on with the fish oil every morning as I did have 100 tablets and thought I might as well give this a good shot. After a while it became habit to give him a tablet and I soon forgot about his coat. After about a month I was stroking him and I thought his coat feels softer. It was at this point, I wondered if this was the fish oil. Now 3 months on his coat still feels softer than before, its actually quite amazing and didn’t really expect this. I can’t say for sure that it was the omega 3 tablets however it’s the only part of his diet I have changed. Whenever I catch fish now, especially Kahawai I make it a point to feed some to him. I can’t say for sure that Omega 3 fish oil will definitely soften your dogs coat or improve his skin, however on Teddy the results have being very promising.

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