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Pet Recovery by Silberhorn a test on Teddy’s joints

Pet Recovery - Silberhorn ReviewTeddy is getting to the age now where he still wants to run around like a puppy however due to maybe some poor exercise treatment, by me, he has started to stiffen up in the joints. Bad exercise on my part because I now believe that it is bad to get your dog to chase a tennis ball on the lawn constantly. I believe it is due to the fact that he follows the tennis ball and as it bounces he leaps at it, gets tangled up at pace which has caused damage to his joints. I now believe that the best way to exercise your dog like this is to use a non bouncy toy, a stuffed toy works well. My mum is a physiotherapist and agrees that this is most likely the cause for his leg injuries and also he is over-weight ;).

I have noticed after walks recently that he sleeps, awakes and starts to hobble around. After checking his paws and finding nothing I believe that it is his joints. It could be arthritis or perhaps just some joint damage. I don’t play any exercise games (running or chasing games) with Teddy any more – I just walk him. It has helped a little however I am also trying out a product I brought a couple of days ago. I have always joked about giving Teddy deer valet after hearing the radio ads about Sir Bob Charles joint relief. I went to their website and found that they in fact have a product for dogs so I decided to buy the 1000 capsules of Pet Recovery. This does sound like some sort of plug for them however I can assure you that I haven’t had any association with them and I did fork out the $160 it costs for the 1000 tablets (yes that’s a lot of money, but that will supply him for a year or two). The main reason I’m doing this is to actually do a long running test to see if he gets better. I’ll do updates every now and then to let you know what my results are. Currently I have had him on it for two days and so far he seems to have more energy and isn’t hobbling as much, so this is positive, however I more put that towards the fact I have rested him from running for a couple of weeks (note that I do still walk him everyday). So at this stage I’m not expecting this to have made any changes to him.

So what is in Pet Recovery? The main ingredient is Deer velvet. From what research I did on-line it comes from traditional Chinese medicine (as most herbal stuff comes from) where it is used in a powder form to stimulate pro-growth and better immune system, etc etc… I’m quite critical when it comes to these types of medicines and I doubt this would be a wonder drug to fix Ted however if it provides some sort of mineral deficiency he may have then that is good. Deer Velvet hasn’t being proven clinically however it does intrigue me enough to test it out and see if it helps Ted.

The other two ingredients are Glucosamine HCL ( Glucosamine Hydrochloride ) and Chrondroiton Sulphate. Glucosamine is an important building block needed by the body to manufacture specialised molecules called glycosaminoglycans, which are found in cartilage. Ideally, when taken properly and in the correct form, it can rebuild and heal joint tissues, including cartilage, synovial fluid and the connective tissues. It has been extensively researched and used for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The key is taken in the correct form, since without the right form it is useless and won’t help. In an ideal world Glucosamine HCL and Chrondroiton Sulphate would be replaced with just Glucosamine Sulphate which is the only form clearly shown in clinical trials to be effective for osteoarthritis. The reason they have Glucosamine HCL and Chrondroiton Sulphate is because the Glucosamine needs the Sulphate to create Glucosamine Sulphate. So that may seem good but the reality is that due to the make-up of each ingredient up to 70% of the product will be just pissed away. The simple answer of why these two ingredients are used is because of production cost. Any study you hear about Glucosamine being good for joints is conducted with Glucosamine Sulphate. So that is a downside however the upside is at least it will be producing some Glucosamine Sulphate, hopefully 30% or more, which is known to help and I would imagine a product with Glucosamine Sulphate would be more expensive. It’s one of those situations where you need to weigh up price over quality.

So now I will continue to feed Teddy two of these Tablets and let you know how he gets along. I am expecting some improvement from the Glucosamine and will be interested to see what deer velvet does.

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2 responses to “Pet Recovery by Silberhorn a test on Teddy’s joints”

  1. Sharron says:

    What date was this posted? How is Teddy going? Sounding a bit like my spoodle. ;(

    • admin says:

      Yeah it was posted a while back, worked for a bit but at some stage later however he started to limp a lot. A few months back I took him in to get checked and turns out he had an almost ruptured his ACL most likely slowly over time it has occurred. Anyway he had surgery on it a few weeks back and is on the mend. I think it was due from the years of running around but he is recovering amazingly now

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