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Dogs Bad Breath? Brush its teeth

By | Category: Dog Health, Dog Information, General, Puppies, Teddy's Blog

Dog Dental Care Does your dog have bad breath? Have you ever thought that dog’s teeth also need brushing? Well most likely not. The first time I heard about brushing your dogs teeth I thought – is this is a joke? When I visited my local vet they showed me the large range of dog … more

Omega Fish Oils for Dogs

By | Category: Dog Food, Dog Health, General, Latest Stuff, Teddy's Blog

Dog Diets Dog diet is probably the most understood aspect of good dog health, especially for new dog owners. We might look no further than the supermarket when we buy our dog’s food, or just focus on what’s at the vet. But did you know that the look, energy and general overall health of your … more

Common Dog Ear Problems

By | Category: Dog Health, Dog Information, General, Teddy's Blog

There are several common ear problems that can occur in dogs. The most common problem is usually an allergic reaction of some sort. Allergies often can occur for several factors ranging from a food allergy to an external environmental factor, such as pollen or toxic plants. Itchy, red inflamed ears and paws are a common … more

Newflands Fish Oil

By | Category: Dog Health, Dog Information, Dog Product Testing, General, Latest Stuff, Natural Remedies, Teddy's Blog

Fish oil for Dogs? Newflands a local company offering fish oil for dogs. A while back I did some experimenting with fish oil on my Spoodle dog Teddy. The results were quite amazing, especially with regards to his coat. A big issue I have had with teddy is his coat went quite dull and started … more