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Dog / Pet Insurance

By | Category: Dog Health, Dog Information, Doggy Feature, General, Latest Stuff, Teddy's Blog

Dog Insurance or Pet Insurance can often be the last thing we think about when we get a new dog – after all they are a dog why on earth do we need to insure them. We get caught up in the huge learning curve of training a dog, getting it micro chipped, learning the … more

Toilet Training your Puppy

By | Category: Dog Information, Dog Training, General, Puppies, Teddy's Blog

Puppies have small bladders and bowels and therefore they will go to the toilet more often. Naturally puppies don’t want to toilet near where they sleep and often they will toilet in the same spot. When you first bring your puppy home you will want to place some newspaper or towel on the ground and … more

Dog exercise, discipline, and affection

By | Category: Dog Information, Dog Training, General, Latest Stuff, Teddy's Blog

Exercise, Discipline and Affection – in this order! You may hear Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan quote this over and over again whenever he appears on his TV show. It’s a very simple discipline to get into and helps to maintain a calm dog. You should always first exercise your dog and it can be in … more