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Toilet Training your Puppy

Puppies have small bladders and bowels and therefore they will go to the toilet more often. Naturally puppies don’t want to toilet near where they sleep and often they will toilet in the same spot. When you first bring your puppy home you will want to place some newspaper or towel on the ground and watch where they toilet as this will help to work out where to put your newspaper. Ideally you want to take your puppy outside to toilet however this is almost impossible to do all the time and expect accidents to happen.

Your puppy will be fairly good at telling you when it needs to go and you need to be aware what those signs are.
– The may walk around sniffing
– They could whin
– Walk around in circles
– They become restless
– First thing in the morning and just before bed time
– After it drinks water
– After Dinner or any feeding times

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