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Welcome to Spoodle

TeddyWelcome to the new spoodle website. There are still aspects which are in the process of being completed however I felt it was worth releasing this website in this state. There are plenty of articles i’m writing and researching at the moment which will be released as time goes on. The forum is much better than the previous one with a new photo uploading feature directly to photobucket – which should make adding photos easier than the previous website. This page will be used as a site annoucement and general news page so you will know the lastest updates here. If you are after specific information on your dog and can’t find it anywhere on this website the best place to go is the forum and there you can ask questions. This can be found here

Thanks Korin and Teddy


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One response to “Welcome to Spoodle”

  1. michelle says:

    Hi I have just become the proud new mummy of Benji, a toy spoodle. His big brother Rastus, who is 12 years old thinks he is great! Benji is 18 weeks old, white in colour and I am finding it a bit hard to keep his beard clean. I wash it after every meal too. We will probably have to visit a groomer soon, his hair around his little eyes is very long. Your site is wonderful, full of useful information. Many thanks.

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